Peace Sites

Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.— Maria Montessori

How does a Peace Site work?

A peace site can be an institution, such as a church, synagogue, or YM/YWCA with an established membership, which can be a place where the members work for peace or it can be a meeting point, or coalition center, vigil, campus, website, or foundation, where peace activists in a community come together to work toward peace. Each site can determine its own way to work for peace. It can be a place to think about and pray for peace, a place to study and learn about peace, or a place to act for peace.

Peace sites can include a visual symbol of peace, such as a peace garden, peace pole, peace room, or provide a peace site newsletter. Some activities for peace sites include organizing a peace fair or festival; sponsoring a peace essay/poetry/art contest; offering film presentations or establishing study groups on peace issues; creating a peace library; organizing public forums, workshops, or conferences on peace issues; presenting an annual peace award; sponsoring a weekend retreat for reflection on peace; and/or networking with other peace sites.

Groups can also meet at peace sites to work actively for peace by calling or writing letters to Congressional representatives and senators; writing letters to the editor; organizing visits to Congressional representatives; writing and signing petitions; following legislation on peace issues; and/or providing literature about peace issues to the general public.